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California All On One Labor Law Posters - CSOA

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The Law Requires ALL Employers to Post both State and Federal Labor Law Posters in  an area frequented by their employees during the normal course of the workday!

Failure to Comply can lead to fines of over $34,000. 

Not Posting these notices is considered non compliance with the law in employee lawsuits and can cause an employer to lose his right to a defense!

Not All Companies are required to post the same posters at each location!


compliance questions

What factors about my business are used to determine the posters I am required to post?

There are four factors used to determine your required Labor Law Posters:

1. Country - The United States Federal Government has as many as 11 Notices depending on contractor status.

2. The State your business is located in. For instance the State of California has over 27 Notices that you may be required to post!

3.The number of employees on payroll. The moment you hire an employee there are certain posters you must post. The next poster tier is 3 employees, Then 5, then 10, 15, 20, 25 50 and 100. An employer with 5 employees should not be displaying the same posters as a employer with 50 employees yet 90% of the All In One labor law posters produced in the US are for employers with more than 50 employees and the small businesses that don't require these extra posters inadvertently post them and subject themselves to legal issues.

4. INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION: Wage Orders, Osha requirements, and certain State and Federal Fair Employment agencies have specific notices for each industry that must be posted. For instance an Insurance Agents office would not require the Hazardous Chemicals Programs a Manufacturing plant would nor would you post a Forklift Poster in a Beauty Salon. Temp agencies, banks, Schools are all different than a general employer.

5. The status of a business as a Federal or State Contractor. If you are a Government contractor you may have to post an additional 7 employee notices above that of a General business.

The Solution To Complete Compliance - Our Custom All On One Labor Law Poster!

The law requires a company to post specific employee notices based on a Company's type of work, Employee size and Contractor status. No one poster will comply with every employer. That is why CSOA has designed a computer program that takes your specific company information and pulls only the posters you are required to post (ie an employer with less than 50 employees SHOULD NEVER POST THE FMLA POSTER) and adds them to your All On One Poster. We also add your specific information relating to Workers Compensation, Emergency numbers and will add your Logo and company name as well before we laminate your poster.

We have three gradient backgrounds for your poster to choose from, No more bleak, colorless posters in your break room or company lobby. The posters also include our quick scan QR Codes that transfers pamphlets and other important employee right information directly to an employees  mobil phone