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Company Specific Custom Posters are the Choice of Compliance for Attorneys throughout the US!

Custom Compliance Poster Options and Pricing


This California Custom Compliance Poster is Printed All-On-One Poster and combines mandatory California and federal notices onto a full-color 26" x 40" poster. The time is now to upgrade your out of date posters to a custom updated labor law poster that includes only the Postings and laws you are required to comply with. The following posters are the Governments Notices for the state of California although only an employer with over 50 employees with Hazardous chemicals with there workplace in San francisco would need to post all in this list.

California Posting Requirements

  • CA DFEH Harassment & Discrimination
  • CA Unemployment, Disability & Paid Family Leave
  • CA MW-2007 Minimum Wage
  • CAL/OSHA Safety & Health Protection
  • CA Workers' Compensation Notice
  • CA Payday Notice
  • CA Smoking/Right to Vote Notice
  • CA Whistleblowers Protection
  • CA FMLA/Pregnancy Notice A/B
  • CA Access To Medical and Exposure Records ( Cal/Osha)
  • CA Emergency Phone numbers
  • CA Sick Time Poster
  • EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Fed-OSHA "It's the Law" Notice
  • Federal Minimum Wage Notice
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Notice
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Notice
  • USERRA Rights and Benefits Notice
  • Payday Notice (Meets notification requirements)
  • Your Rights as a Federal Contractor
  • Davis-Bacon Poster
  • Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act
  • Federal Aid Highway Project Poster
  • Notice to Workers with Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage Poster
  • DHS Fraud Notice Poster and DoD Fraud Hotline Poster
  • Alternate Versions of the EEOC notice: Large Print, Audio, and PDF
  • Sample EEO Statement and Harassment Statement
  • *City Minimum Wage Poster
  • *City -Sick Leave Poster
  • *City Workers Rights Poster


This Custom Compliance Poster is a one of a kind poster that is printed one at a time based on the information you provide regarding your company. This ensures an accurate and 100-% compliant poster! Once posted in your workplace you are then protected by our $50,000 Guarantee to cover your fine or cover your Discovery costs in court should you suffer a loss due to our products." Each poster is certified compliant by signature of the Compliance Specialist that produced it and the Attorney that reviewed the original content for your version of this poster. 

Custom Poster Example -1

If you are a Federal Contractor with 50 or more Agricultural employees in the City limits of San Francisco, you would be required to post up to

34 Specific Labor Law Posters

Custom Poster Example - 2 Small Business

If you are a General Industry employer with Less than 10 employees in a non city wage area, you would be required to Post only

16 Specific Labor Law Posters

There are over 900 All-On-One Poster combinations when considering all states, all posters, each employee size grouping, federal contractor status and Industry Type.

 An All-In-One poster that includes all notices regardless of the requirements of the company they sell it to, will have 78% of the buyers posting notices they are not required to post!

CSOA'sCustom made software takes all the posting laws and compares to your company's Size, Industry, Contractor status, City and State and finally the employee size,

It then selects ONLY the posters you are required to post for your company and then creates your custom All-On-One Compliance Poster!, 

Will Your Current Poster Pass The Readability Test?

The typical Shrink and Post All-In-one posters sold today can only fit all the published posters on one poster by reducing and modifying posters to nearly unreadable size fonts. for example, the rational in doing this is based on the law not requiring a specific font size on certain posters, therefor they reduce fonts to as small as this (8 Point font)

Your Rights Are Protected

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