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Custom All On One Labor Law Posters - Call Today

The law requires a company to post specific employee notices based on a Company's type of work, Employee size and Contractor status. No one poster will comply with every employer. That is why CSOA has designed a computer program that takes your specific company information and pulls only the posters you are required to post (ie an employer with less than 50 employees SHOULD NEVER POST THE FMLA POSTER) and adds them together in our copyrighted format to create you a Custom All On One Labor Law Poster! We also add your specific information relating to Workers Compensation, Emergency numbers, and other Required poster write in information and and then we will add your Logo and company name then we print and laminate your poster, No need to add your own decals to a generic poster!

Our Custom All On One labor Law Posters have three gradient backgrounds for your poster to choose from, No more bleak, colorless posters in your break room or company lobby. The posters also include our quick scan QR Codes that transfers pamphlets and other important employee right information directly to an employees mobil phone

This poster is sold as an Mobile App and is customized within the app then sent to us for printing, once finished the App then becomes a Employers Compliance program giving you pertinent information that relates to the posters you now post.

The poster and App come with a 1 year Update guarantee, we keep you up to date as posters change and guarantee your compliant with a $50,000 compliance guarantee.

The package includes 10 Digital Labor Law Poster Apps and a company Lan screen saver that rotates the posters when an employee is not on the computer.

HR Professionals and Employment Law Attorneys agree, the only way to ensure accurate and complete posting compliance is to have an All On One poster made specific to your Company's Requirements!

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