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Custom Printed To Meet Your Specific Compliance Needs!

We have over 300 Print sites in all major cites across the US with production capacity of 5000 posters per day. We Offer same day pick-up or delivery!

NOTICE: Posting Violation Fines Hit New Record - Post All Required 2020 Notices Today!

Recent court cases have set new precedents that allow employment lawsuits to be brought against employers years after statute of limitation periods run out due to employers who fail to notify and post current up to date labor law posters in their workplaces. The law requires YOU as an employer to notify, educate and train employees on labor regulations that apply to their workplaces. If an employer violates a posting law the tolling periods for statute of limitation laws can be extended until such time as the employee becomes aware of or is notified of the law. Fines and penalties for a violation continue to be awarded during this period as well (See Cruz v. Maypa et al, 4th Circuit, No. 13-2363). The average Jury award for an employment lawsuit has topped $1,600,000 with up to 40% of all complaints made to a state or federal agency has now led to lawsuits or agency fines and penalties. STATISTICS SHOW THAT FAILING TO POST A LABOR LAW POSTER ADDS OVER $50,000 TO THE COST YOU PAY WHEN YOU LOSE AN EMPLOYMENT BASED LAWSUIT!I

Let CSOA become your partner in complying with Government Compliance Requirements. Whether we are assisting a small business or helping a fortune 500 company comply with complex workplace rules and regulations, Compliance Services of America will be focused on providing high-quality service, quality products and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Imagine Instant Compliance when you use one of our Digital Compliance Apps. We take the confusion out of compliance with our Click & Comply series of Apps for Digital All-On-One Labor Law Posters, Training Systems and many other required standards. Compliance Services of America and it's Digital Labor Law Poster and Digital Safety Training puts us ahead of our competition. This New Year Compliance Services Of America now offers:

  • California All On One Labor Law Posters
  • Digital Labor Law Posters
  • Custom Compliance Posters
  • All State and Federal Labor Law Posters
  • Custom All On One Labor Law Posters
  • California Labor Law Posters

Why Choose Compliance Services Of America?

  1. All of our Products are created by the Inventor of The All In One Labor Law Poster Michael Rode (*Copyrights sold in 2004)
  2. Since 1989 No Customer of a Michael Rode created Product has ever been fined for a violation (Millions of Products sold)
  3. All Custom products are guaranteed accurate and come with our Compliance First $50,000 Guarantee against Government fines!
  4. We Guarantee that our products meet State and Federal Evidentiary Codes and can be relied upon in Court cases, All Products are attorney reviewed
  5. We Guarantee all of our All On One posters meet Government Poster Size requirements and follow national guidelines for font size and readability!
  6. We offer a full year money back guarantee, If you are not happy with our product or service we will refund your money (See Guarantee for more info)

* (Former Copyrights now owned By AIO Acquisitions and Brady Corp)

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