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NOTICE: Posting Violation Fines Hit New Record - $34,000 If You Fail To Post All Required Notices

Recent court cases have set new precedents that allow employment lawsuits to be brought against employers years after statute of limitation periods run out due to employers who fail to notify and post labor law posters in their workplaces. The law requires YOU as an employer to notify, educate and train employees on labor regulations that apply to their workplaces. If an employer violates a posting law the tolling periods for statute of limitation laws are extended until such time as the employee becomes aware or is notified of the law. Fines and penalties for a violation continue to be awarded during this period as well. The average Jury award for an employment lawsuit has topped $1,600,000,  with 40% of all complaints made to a state or federal agency now leading to lawsuits and/or agency fines and penalties. STATISTICS SHOW THAT FAILING TO POST A LABOR LAW POSTER ADDS OVER $50,000 TO THE COST YOU PAY IF YOU LOSE AN EMPLOYMENT ACTION THAT WAS BROUGHT AGAINST YOU!


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